The tomb of the USSR

2019, France, 53min
The tomb of the USSR
Past editions:
Language: French
Subtitle: Romanian
Director: Nicolas Jallot
Writer: Nicolas Jallot

Documentary, 2019
Producer: Grégory Schnebelen

In December 1979, the Soviet Union sent armored divisions into Afghanistan. The operation was codenamed "pargue" and its objective was simply to restore order in the newly allied communist country. In just a few weeks, 150000 Soviets soldiers found themselves caught up in a "counter-guerilla" war. Public opinion in the USSR turns against the occupation. General Gromov organizes the repatriation of the troops. This war played a fundamental role in the rise of the perestroika and changed the face of the world. The Tomb of the USSR looks back on that occupation and explores its huge consequences: the breakup of the USSR and the fall of communism. The tomb of the USSR features an exclusive interview of General Gromov, the last Soviet soldier to leave this country.