The cardinal

2019, Romania, 1h 38min
The cardinal
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2021, 2020
Language: Romanian
Subtitle: English
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1953. Sighet. A hero of the Greek-Catholic resistance faces an unusual torturer. Only one way out….Conversion or death.

In 1950 the entire group of Greek-Catholic leaders is arrested and locked up in Sighet prison. Here, behind bars, they meet the people who made the Great Union happen, Iuliu Maniu being one of them.

Together with the great Romanian politicians, these famous religious people from Transilvania are the last “relics” of a society considered long gone. The new leadership enforced by the Soviets does not accept the existence of a Church parallel with the Orthodox one, especially one which has ties with the Vatican.

The torturers’ goal is simple: the prison warden and the Soviet political officer, helped by an unusual torturer, put continuous pressure on the priests, trying to force them to convert. One man rises high amongst them and he gradually becomes a guide for the other priests: Bishop Iuliu Hossu. This is the story of him and his brothers in suffering.