Octubre 23, una historia de estudiantes secundarios

2018, Argentina, 1h 24min
Octubre 23, una historia de estudiantes secundarios
Past editions:
Language: Spanish
Subtitle: Romanian
Writer: Martin Vergara

Documentary, 2018
Producer: Adrián Miguel Tanus

The dawn of October 23, 1976 were kidnapped from their homes and the students of the National School of Vicente López, Eduardo Muñiz, the sisters Leonora and María Zimmermann, Pablo Fernández Meijide and a year later, in Cipolletti, Leticia Veraldi. None exceeded 18 years.
"October23, a high school students story" is a genuine search to dust off, to give light and names to those fuzzy photos, as far away as they are close. It is the need to inquire into those stories that accompany us throughout life. It is to review what we did, for more than forty years, with this wound so little digestible for humans as the "disappearance". It is the path of identity of a neighborhood, of a country. It's the playground of a school. It's adolescence, with your dreams and nightmares. It is a story that speaks for other stories.
It is a self-managed and horizontal project in its creation. Born of the will to tell a story destined to disappear.

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