Call for contributors at Rasnov Debate Forum

Debates, lectures, presentations etc.

We live in a public space invaded by peripheral subjects, treated hysterically, in which the relevant topics are either ignored or presented superficially. In order to think, speak and dialogue, civilized and argued, about the really important things, we organize, within the Rasnov Film and Histories Festival, a forum for debates open to young people in Romania and the Republic of Moldova and to the general public. Each year, competent and charismatic speakers present lectures on significant topics, then moderating debates in which both Summer School students and the general public are invited to attend.

The Râsnov Film and Histories Festival (FFIR) will be held this year between August 20 and 29, 2021, the 13th edition having as its main theme "Heroes". Over 50 film screenings, 20 artistic projects, 60 special guests, 50 artists and 40 student scholars will be just a few of the results of this edition.

In this context, the FFIR launches an open call for universities, diplomatic missions, public and media institutions, companies, NGOs, initiative groups and other interested entities, from Romania and beyond, for organizing events within the Râsnov Debate Forum following the theme of the Festival: Heroes. We are interested in exploring different aspects of this topic starting from the argumentation of its choice (see below the whole text *) and beyond.

The locations we provide are: Râsnov Fortress Garden (open air, 6 x 8 meters stage, sound system, maximum 1800 audience), event tent (indoor, 1.80 x 5 meters stage, sound system, maximum 200 audience).

Those interested should send by April 30, 2021 at 23:59 on the email address the following information:

The subject of the event
Event type (eg debate, lecture, presentation, etc.)
The name of the moderator
The name of the guests
Possible data when it can be implemented (between 20 and 29 August 2021)
Duration (maximum 120 minutes)
A description of the topics covered (minimum 500 characters)

For any further details please contact us at: or 0727 642 858. You can also get an image of the level and approaches from Râsnov by consulting the program of debates of 2020 and 2019.


* If we agree with the evolution of mankind from one historical epoch to another, climbing step by step, - Prehistory, Antiquity, Middle Ages, Modern Age, Contemporary Age - on a pyramid of time, the present is the highest point, the place where nowadays generation stick the flag and proudly say, "I'm here!"
Each generation had its flag bearers and often they went from the triumph of victory to the "garbage can of history". But there are also people who once entered the mythology of peoples remained there and even received universal recognition, becoming symbols. They are the Heroes who made History!
We find them in school textbooks, in specialized works and even in religion books, but more importantly, we find them everywhere (we look) around us. They are represented in art, they have become sources of inspiration for music or, to our joy, many have become ... movie heroes!
Do we still need heroes today? Who are they and how do they come to our attention? What drives them to acts of heroism? Why are some criminals and some martyrs? Why are some better known than others?

An honest edition about heroes, leaders, models and values.