The Petrov file / Dosieto Petrov

2015, Bulgaria, 1h 33min
The Petrov file / Dosieto Petrov
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Language: Bulgarian
Subtitle: Romanian
Director: Georgi Balabanov
IMDB Rating:  The Petrov File
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In the late 80s, the stage actor Alexander Petrov is banned from being on stage. When he reappears after the demise of the regime, he discovers that the man he admired the most, his master and friend, had denounced him. Devastated, Petrov declares that he is giving up his public life. This is when Markov, an old acquaintance but also a former director of the Secret Services, turned into a successful businessman, offers his help. Markov, an admirer of Petrov’s stage talents, offers him to become the head figure of a new political party aiming at rescuing a torn apart country.

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