The King's War

2016, Romania - USA, 1h
The King's War
22 Jul 2018, 13:00 - Amza Pellea Cinema Hall (Rasnov)
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Languages: English, Romanian
Subtitle: Romanian
Director: Trevor Poots

Executive Producer John Florescu
Associate Producers Dan Draghicescu & Stefan Hillerin
Senior Producer: Viorel Chesaru
Camera: Lulu de Hillerin, Viorel Sergovici Sr., Alex Breban

The 1st cousin to HRH Philip Duke of Edinburgh was King of Romania during the Second World War. Using an undercover interview and archival film, King’s War tells, for the first time on film, the true story of his outstanding contribution.

King Michael of Romania, now 94, the great, great grandson of Queen Victoria, Czar Alexander of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm, tells the story in his own words, recorded by John Florescu, in a secret two-day session at his Bucharest palace. The tapes have been held in a vault in Los Angeles for the last 13 years.
During the Second World War King Michael aged just 23, backed by his mother Queen Helen, and few others, tricked Hitler and arrested Antonescu, his Nazi puppet, repositioning Romania once more on the Allied side. This action was considered to have accelerated the end of the war and saved thousands of lives. But he was then immediately faced with the Soviet invasion and eventually forced into exile in 1947. Apart from Ivor Porter’s biography of the King, written in 2005, the truth has been hidden by the Communists until today.
John Florescu (French-American) produced the documentary with Trevor Poots (UK), Senior Producer Viorel Chesaru and Dan Draghicescu & Stefan Hillerin, Associate Producers, as well as Mircea Lacatus, Editing.
King's War is an independent production produced by Chainsaw Film Production, based in Bucharest; the film was shot in London, Bucharest, Berlin, New York and Moscow.

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