The chosen one

2015, Romania, 2h 5min
The chosen one
Past editions:
Language: Romanian
Subtitle: French
Director: Cristian Comeag
Writer: Cristian Comeag
IMDB Rating:  Cel ales
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In the early '80s, while he was a student, Mr. X was helped to flee Romania by those who where meant to keep him in.Years later, they asked him to pay back the favor. He complied unwillingly and his reluctance cost him dearly: they declared him dead, while he had to leave France, giving up his identity,his family, his whole life.He thought he had lost everything; he has recently found there is even more to lose. 'This will not happen', says Mr. X to himself while driving across a country that is no longer his, in search for a way out of the maze that he entered thirty years ago.

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