God save the partisans as we wait for the Americans!

2016, Romania, 1h 2min
God save the partisans as we wait for the Americans!
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Language: Romanian
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While in 1944 they were among the few who risked their lives to save Jews from deportation – it is not by accident that Maria, Nicolae, and Aristina Pop are listed in the Righteous Among the Nations database of Yad Vashem Memorial in Jerusalem! –, in 1949 they came to be chased by the Romanian Political Police for having hidden in the mountains other people, persecuted by the new political regime established by the „liberator” Red Army...

I first saw Aristina Pop-Săileanu at Sighet: in a photograph at the Prison Museum, at the entry of the cell 82, alongside with the other figures of the anti-communist resistance group Pop-Oniga (‹Țibleșul›). In quest of that sad but resolute face, on which the spark of the just revolt wouldn’t be stifled by the communist mud, I found out, step by step, the story of a woman who stood up to the terror in the name and by virtue of pure and simple human dignity. These are the origins of the present film, dedicated to the Pop family from Lăpușul Românesc. The fact that such people still exist, with an intact ethical DNA, is a reason to hope that all is not lost yet!

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