Bolivar, Man of Difficulties / Bolvar, el hombre de las dificultades

2013, Venezuela, 1h 57min
Bolivar, Man of Difficulties / Bolvar, el hombre de las dificultades
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Languages: Spanish, French, English
Subtitle: Romanian
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Venezuela is at war. We are in 1815 when the Second Republic crushingly falls. The great defeated is Simon Bolivar, recently named The Liberator, who barely escaped with death on his heels, takes refuge in Jamaica. There, he encountered himself between the indifference of his old European allies and the rivalry of his yesterday 's partners, he has to face the greatest crossroad of his entire life. There's no way out he could see. Bolivar looks around him and discovers the real reason of all his failures...

BOLIVAR, the Man of Difficulties, combines drama, romance and adventure in a movie of Luis Alberto Lamata, a filmmaker who staged the most interesting chapters of the Venezuelan History.

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