Official Selection 2018

Jury: Pierre-Henri Deleau, Irina Margareta Nistor, Gabriela Albu, Claudia Nedelcu Duca

1950: The Nationalist Uprising / 1950: La Insurrección Nacionalista
Director: José Manuel Dávila Marichal
Puerto Rico - 2017
Five Puerto Ricans who participated in the Nationalist Insurrection of 1950 to free Puerto Rico from the United States of America, speaks about the history of this forgotten struggle and the consequences in their lives of having challenged the most powerful government in the world.

Spain in two trenches. The Civil war in color / España en dos trincheras, la Guerra Civil en color
Director: Francesc Escribano & Lluis Carrizo
Spain - 2016
A feature documentary in which, for the first time in Spain, original archive material from the Spanish Civil War has been digitalised to 4K and coloured to create a unique work that shows the Civil War as never before: in colour.

Operation Wedding / Operācija Kāzas
Director: Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov
Israel, Latvia - 2016
Leningrad, 1970. A group of young Soviet Jews who were denied exit visas, plots to “hijack” an empty plane and escape the USSR. 45 years later, filmmaker Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov reveals the compelling story of her parents, leading characters of the group, "heroes" in the West but "terrorists" in Russia, even today.

Free Dacians / Dacii liberi
Director: Andrei Gorgan & Monica Lazurean-Gorgan
Romania - 2018
The inhabitants of a Dacian village, a historian and archaeologist who are part of a historical reenactment group, a group of Dacian mystics, a protest organizer, Sarmisegetusa Regia UNESCO administrator, and participants in the Dacology Congress. All of them are united by their common passion for the Dacians. But it separates them from the different vision that each of them has on a historical episode that is becoming increasingly popular in Romania every year.

Every Soul of My Body / Tutte le anime del mio corpo
Director: Erika Rossi
Italy - 2017
After finding her mother's war diary written during WWII, a daughter discovers who her mother really was. A journey into a family personal history, into the relationship between a mother and a daughter, and into the secrets that one keeps and the reasons for doing so.

Memory of Missionaries / Mémoire de Missionnaires
Director: Delphine Wil
Belgium - 2017
In the last century, men of the Church went to the Congo to preach the Good Word. In Mémoire de Missionnaires, the last witnesses of that time recount their memories. They are marked forever by their experiences, by the contradictions and by the cultural shocks. Their memories often testify to a part of colonial history which is often commented upon and yet unrecognized. They give a lucid and critical look at the Christianization of Africa.

Pawn Sacrifice / Zhertva na peshki
Director: Assen Vladimirov
Bulgaria - 2018
March 1943. The Germans announced that they had found the graves of tens of thousands of Polish military officers killed by the Russians The Nazis created an international l commission made up of renowned experts in forensic medicine. Bulgaria was represented by the pathoanatomist, Marko Markov.This is the story of Dr. Markov, an ordinary man, who found himself between the millstones of history.

Director: Konrad Starczewski
Poland - 2016
It is a documentary on one of the most invincible commanders of the Polish independence underground, a “Silent Unseen” - Major Hieronim Dekutowski. It is a record of memories of his subordinates, colleagues, friends and family members. From their stories emerges a picture of a man demanding and stubborn, yet sensitive and longing for a normal life. The stories told by former Dekutowski’s soldiers are illustrated with numerous photographs, documents and animations of the unit’s most important actions. Major Dekutowski like other cursed soldiers was sentenced by communists to eternal oblivion. He returned as a hero.


The Call

The Histories and Film Festival in Rasnov (FFIR) was calling for films submissions. The call was open exclusively for documentaries on historic themes produced since 2016. Both first time and established filmmakers all welcome. Full regulations and registration form are inserted below. Deadline for submissions was May 31st, 2018.

The festival will award 3 prizes: Best Documentary (awarded by a professional jury), Young Jury Prize (awarded by a jury of high-school pupils), Audience Award.

The 10th edition of FFIR will take place in Rasnov (160km from Bucharest) between 20 and 29 July 2018. Established in 2009, FFIR is an annual cultural event, hosting lectures and public debates on relevant historical and contemporary themes, screenings of fictional and documentary films, classical and rock concerts, photography exhibitions and several summer schools.

FFIR is an EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) certified event.

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