Call for contributors at Rasnov Debate Forum

Debates, lectures, presentations etc.

We live in a public space invaded by peripheral subjects, treated hysterically, in which the relevant topics are either ignored or presented superficially. In order to think, speak and dialogue, civilized and argued, about the really important things, we organize, within the Rasnov Film and Histories Festival, a forum for debates open to young people in Romania and the Republic of Moldova and to the general public. Each year, competent and charismatic speakers present lectures on significant topics, then moderating debates in which both Summer School students and the general public are invited to attend.

The Rasnov Film and Histories Festival (FFIR) will be held this year between July 17 and 26, 2020, the 12th edition having as its main theme "War and Peace". Over 50 film screenings, 20 artistic projects, 60 special guests, 50 artists and 40 student scholars will be just a few of the results of this edition.

In this context, the FFIR launches an open call for universities, diplomatic missions, public and media institutions, companies, NGOs, initiative groups and other interested entities, from Romania and beyond, for organizing events within the Rasnov Debate Forum following the theme of the Festival: War and Peace. We are interested in exploring different aspects of this topic starting from the argumentation of its choice (see below the whole text *) and beyond.

The locations we provide are: Rasnov Fortress Garden (open air, 6 x 8 meters stage, sound system, maximum 1800 audience), event tent (indoor, 1.80 x 5 meters stage, sound system, maximum 200 audience).

Those interested should send by March 22, 2020 at 24:00 on the email address the following information:

The subject of the event
Event type (eg debate, lecture, presentation, etc.)
The name of the moderator
The name of the guests
Possible data when it can be implemented (between 17 and 26 July 2020)
Duration (maximum 120 minutes)
A description of the topics covered (minimum 500 characters)
Costs involved (eg: accommodation, transport, fees)

For any further details please contact us at: or 0727 642 858. You can also get an image of the level and approaches from Rasnov by consulting the program of debates of 2019 and 2018.


* In the twentieth century, for the first time in history, the global conflict emerged, which influenced the destinies of all people on the planet. Today's conflicts - although seemingly local - also have global effects (let alone the millions of refugees in the Middle East who have arrived in Europe in recent years and beyond). The way in which peace was regulated after conflicts has proved to be in most cases not an efficient one, generating, sooner or later, new conflicts.

We are, however, 2-3 generations who do not know what a war means and its aftermath (famine, destruction, chaos, victims, deportations, etc.) because in Europe there has been no major conflict since 1945. But we like movies and games with warrior heroes. We even use symbols of sad memory in our innocent "games" in daily life.

Within a certain part of our societies, nationalism, aggressiveness, admiration for "commanders" of hosts and supreme leaders are growing. It seems like we all expect WW3 to start but we don't do anything on a personal level to tame the aggressiveness around us. Technology connects us with the wider world, but individuals are becoming more isolated and less tolerant. The evil and the good became banality, relative values. War and Peace are electoral instruments. The dynamics of the Great Powers change quite quickly. What does the war of the future look like? Or is it already happening? Are we "bored" with peace?