Call for artistic projects at FFIR 2020

Concerts, theater, dance, experiments, exhibitions, etc.

Maybe you have been to us, maybe you wanted to, you may have heard from us or maybe not, but, regardless of the answer, we invite you to be a part of FFIR12 this year, that is, from the Film and Stories Festival Râşnov, come already at the 12th edition, which will take place from 17 to 26 July 2020, with the main theme: "War and Peace". As we have already become accustomed to our loyal audience, we intend to bring together at this edition over 50 film screenings, 20 artistic projects, 60 special guests, 50 artists and 40 student scholars at the Summer School for young audience.

Although we had time to explore the Romanian artistic sphere, and not only, we are sure that many new ideas for concerts and shows have escaped us, especially the "otherwise" ones, which you cannot see anywhere. For this reason, FFIR launches an open call for cultural managers and artists (early in career or experienced) to come up with proposals for artistic projects that have a direct or indirect connection with the current theme of the festival, with our permanent theme, Transylvania, or whatever you think would fit like a glove in our story. We want, in particular, new projects, creative, original and innovative, dedicated to the festival, premieres or own productions, with no restrictions in terms of genre or artistic style.

The places where we expect you are: Râşnov Fortress Garden (open air, 6 x 8 meters stage, sound system and lights, maximum 1800 spectators), Evangelical Church (indoor, functional historical organ, with or without sound, maximum 500 spectators), Schubz Garden (open air, 1.80 x 5 meters stage, sound system and lights, maximum 200 spectators), event tent (indoor, 1.80 x 5 meters stage, sound system and lights, maximum 230 spectators).

Interested artists or cultural managers may send the following information by March 22, 2020 to the following email:

Project Name
Number and names of artists involved
Possible data for inclusion in the FFIR12 program (between 17 and 26 July 2020)
Project duration (maximum 90 minutes)
Argumented description of the project (minimum 1000 characters, not more than one page)
Detailed technical rider
Accommodation and transport needed
Proposed fee budget
A link to representative samples (video or audio) of your original productions, if any.

For any further details, please contact us at: or 0727 642 858.

Lots of inspiration and success!

The FFIR team