17 - 26 July | 21 - 30 August 2020, 12th edition

10 days in Rasnov Citadel, end of July.

No red carpet, no fancy requirements, no hysteria,no breaking news.

So that you can understand what is happening to you!

Movies. Debates. Concerts. Summer Schools. Documentary Film Competition. Lectures. Exhibitions.

Relevant topics, smart movies, charismatic lecturers, intelligent audience, memorable debate. Sophisticated concerts in venerable buildings, exhilarating musical happenings resounding in the Carpathian nights atmosphere, exhibitions, book stands.

The Histories and Film Festival in Rasnov (FFIR) started in 2009. It emerged from the desire of bringing to public debate those topics with an impact able to overcome the transience of the moment.

This way, a rather unique event for the Romanian cultural market was born! An event able to raise thoughts and stir passions, to provide information and generate emotions, to rask questions and search for answers.




Primaria Rasnov Asociatia Mioritics Asociatia Rasnov Society German Marshall Fund Centrul National al Cinematografiei Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Uniunea de Creație Interpretativă a Muzicienilor din Romnia Ambasada Olandei